swimming 19/10

went swimming with my bro and sis last night…
and it was TOTALLY AWESOME!!

sis was there for swimming lessons so i got stuck with my
who prefers to soak and talk than to swim…
raced with my bro thrice and beat him all 3 times!!
first time: cant believe i can still beat him in a speed race,
breaststroke to freestyle, im so cool~
second time: breaststroke to breaststroke, i wasnt racing
really, just swimming back to my starting point, but i couldnt let him get
there faster than myself, can i?
third time: i swam 1/2 laps faster than him in a 15
min-non-stop swim… does tht count?

i dont care whether he s a 11 year old who is 20++cm shorter
than me or wht…
the point is he swims quite fast usually…
but i can still beat him??!!

swam 10 laps (500m) yesterday, which is more than my usual…
thought i ll be feeling like i cant move today (cuz of
swimming and sleeping on the wooden floor),
but i feel quite good… almost as good as when i finished the
8×200 punishments coach used to dish out…

yesterday was the first time i swam since pulau pangkor last
last hols,
so im glad i can still float… hehe~
the next time i go swimming, im going to refresh my memory on
how to swim freestyle,
haha~ i havent swam in freestyle for a few years at least, cuz
i used to drink a lot of water…
which is also why i like to swim in breaststroke, the chances
of me drinking swimming pool water is lower…^^

i really gotta swim more…
it’s nice~



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