went to an orchestra thing last night and it was AMAZING!! for me anyway…
cuz i went there without knowing anyone or anything bout what im supposed to do… and ended up PERFORMING!

it started off when i asked alice about the next orchestra intake and she told me to ‘come to church on the 11th at 530pm bring violin wear white top black bottom‘…
so i went… and found tht it wasnt a practice or anything, it was a performance for the youth rally family nite…
oh my gosh… the conductor asked me,
how long hav you been playing the violin?on and off for a few years
which violin do you think you can play, 1st 2nd or 3rd?2nd, i think
(grabbing a book) do you think you can play this?yeah…
(with an air of finality) ok, play the 1st violin later.
what??? i’ve never played the 1st before!!!

but there’s always a first in everything cuz there i was, sight reading all four pieces on stage after going thru it only once…
and i played ok!!
even though my skaters’ waltz was so off tune tht i didnt know what i was playing,
and my E string went off tune just before we went on (resulting in a weird sounding E),
and i missed a few bars of theme fr love story (had to pretend to play while straining to hear what the ppl in front are playing)
despite all that… i still
LOVE it!

you know, the lights camera and action, the violin and bow in my hands, the applause,
and most of all… the
tht’s the reason for living!!
just kidding, but seriously… that’s the one moment that i can totally say, i so love my violin~~~

although im buried under tons of commitments… school (SPM!!!), volleyball, volunteer tuition at church (believe it or not im teaching std5/6 english tuition), piano, prefects…
but i still feel like joinin the orches…



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