to my 6A classmates

changes in plan!
date: 20-12-2008 (sat)
time/place: to b confirmed (as i wont b around on tht day)
you guys hav fun though!

attention all yuk chai 6A 04 ppl:
mini xmas party at my house!!
date: 18-12-2008 (thurs)
time: 1pm (lunch)
place: my house (get address fr me)

  • as it’s a xmas party… wear somethin nice! well… nt formal but d dress code’s red, white, green n yellow! make sure you wear somethin red though… watch, necklace whteva.
  • bring food along… nothing big, juz snacks n stuff… cuz my house ALWAYS has an empty fridge.
  • bring a present of no more than rm10… (hey you guys hav been missin everyone’s b’day n xmas for yrs, right?) remember tht both boys n girls will be attending…
  • RSVP ASAP… (haha~ in long words tht means, let me knw as soon as possible) or since i’d b in camp till sun 14/12, let crystal knw!
  • lastly… PLEASE COME!!! miss you guys… with d exception of joe, crystal, rojak, weichuen and kee aik… i havent heard fr any of you for a long time!

gotta go to camp nw, leav a comment or txt me if you cn come!



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