study germany?!?

goin crazy researchin bout education germany!!
really crazy~~

it came abt like this…
my mom heard fr one of her trusted friends (d same who recommended KC + sr3) tht higher edu in germany n france re state-supported (meanin no tuition fees la)…
so she’s been badgerin me for mths to consider goin there for further studies…
i dont hav anythin against d country… but it’s been my lifelong dream (d 17 yrs of it la) to study in UK…

but after listenin to her ‘reasonin’:
1. you can go to UK for your postgrad studies… or work there… (by tht time i’d b OLD-er, and i’ve always wanted to go there to study while im young…)
2. if you can save on uni fees then we can use d money to pay for other expenses… (great! bank on me havin a conscience bout savin money for you guys)
3. you can learn another language (ok… tht one got me! ive always wanted to learn a foreign language)
4. learn new culture (reasonin’s stretchin…)
5. meet new ppl (really not soundin logical anymore)

and my dad’s conclusion:
why are you so narrow-minded?!! why are you like your brother, wouldnt try somethin new before sayin you dont like it!!
(but… but… i dint say anythin bout not tryin it ><…)

ya fine!!!
researchin on edu germany n france now…

another point…
wht exactly am i gnna study?!
at first i thought music tech (not enough talent),
then engineerin (not enough brain juice n calm thinkin blah blah),
nxt came construction management… which i seriously thought was ok for me…
cuz i like construction, and management meant i would b dealin more with ppl than things…
but then i realized tht im not much good at managin a project, and my aunts (who’s in related biz) said tht constructions’s ntg for a girl, and i found tht i might hav to deal with d civil engineerin part (eg pumblin tilin elec etc) of buildin too (not sure im up to it)…

bringin me back to d absolute beginin… WHT DO I STUDY!
accordin to d tests ive been doin… im type A, C/S…
A for artistic (creativ things=.=… dont really believ this), C for repeatin stuff (like secretarial work) and S for social (dealin with ppl)…

huh. construction (which is d only thing im even remotely interested in besides music) is for type R/I ppl…
*dry laughs* my R/I percentage is super low…

one thing im sure… no business/enterprisin for me!
im SO NOT d kind of person…

goin back to bein crazy~~

ps actually i dont mind studyin wherever… even in m’sia… (wht’s wrong with it?!) it’s juz tht… one’s only young once! even if i hafta go and work after sr3, i’d still wnna go experience life somewhere new… not m’sia, not taiwan, not singapore! somewhere far away fr home tht i can learn new stuff and to knw tht home’s always d best^^


study germany?!?”的一个响应

  1. yoong ying 十二月 31, 2008 / 6:35 下午

    I thought b4 to study in germany or france!!! Did i tell u?Really bcaz no tuition fee.And the undergraduate course starts on Sept, so we can learn the language after SUEC.u c, i use WE.U noe wat i mean… hahaI think construction management is suitable for u.My mom\’s fren\’s daughter is studying quantity surveyor, same "class" with construction management."constructions is ntg for a girl" is nonsense la… not a big deal.just go ahead for wat u like n wat u can.

  2. wenjia 十二月 31, 2008 / 8:36 下午


  3. xinyin 十二月 31, 2008 / 9:36 下午

    咳~自从知道自己不能读心理学之后,我有一点好像~~~没有什么目标。不过现在~虽然so call有一个想要读的科系~也不懂ok不ok~哎~很乱咧!而且我又动摇了~不过讲真的,不是我提倡男女不平等~construction的东西,不是女生不能读,而是不适合。我从小就从那种环境长大。要deal with all those guys… thats not easy..they can talk to you like a friend or like a boss.. but in their heart.. they cant really accept you.不过,如果你喜欢,还是可以读~支持你就对了!


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