gettin my hair cut!!

gettin my hair cut!!
last night when i cant sleep, i sat on my bed and practiced tying my bun…
and let me tell you tht even if i wanted to be a good student (not even a perfect prefect),
i look horrible!!

so i think im gnna put sensibility over dazzling…
meanin i’d rather look plain always than being frightful in school and pretty at home.

but i’ve never looked good with short hair, so PLS dont laugh (or look like something died- though my long hair is goin to) when you see me!

btw… thx for d votes of wern yi, yoongying, jiaxin and lingen who helped me make my decision.
lol~ and thx for d warning fr yiaqing and miao miao… gurls, i knw i dont look nice with short hair but i dont think even you will stand me with tht BUN.

horrible school rule

ps hope i wont cry when i cut my hair><

pps i love my long hair!!
i’ll miss you dearT.T


2 thoughts on “gettin my hair cut!!

  1. 哇。。好牺牲噢。。。没办法。。看你写到绑bun很难看将。。也只好将了。。^^\’\’不用紧。。再多10个月。。你就自由了!!


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