to AMY

happy birthday, amy!!
sorry for this weird way of sendin my b’day wishes but i was out of ideas…
hehe~ actually it was becuz i couldnt find or make a b’day card fast enough to arrive on d day itself (thx to our dear math teacher)…
cant believ tht we’re actually sr3 already and in d same class…
it was like, only yesterday tht we were in d same team and gettin punished by coach…
im still gettin punished><… haha~
but i guess you’re happier without tht =)
still… hope tht our friendship can last for a long time after this…
lotsa love and best wishes… esp on finishin d 58 math probs=.=
best wishes for everything^^

to AMY”的一个响应

  1. Radioactive 一月 29, 2009 / 5:01 下午

    Aww…. Thank you Sarah =DSorry for the late reply, just came back from somewhere without a computer XDThis is the first time somebody blogged my birthday XDHehe. It\’s okay about finding a special way to wish me ^^ Even a simple note would be nice since you put in so much effort =DYeah… Time flies by so quickly, we\’re already 18 O.O And speaking of the volleyball club, I do miss it. ^^ But since I injured my silly self, so I had to quit. =(Haha, good luck in whatever you do too~ ^^Thanks again~ ^w^ Really appreciate it~


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