i love a friend, so wht?!

appears tht i really cant type chinese this week…
stup chinese star and lousy online chi typin sys…

so back to d topic o d day…

was talkin to yying tht day, and she introduced me to a topic ive nvr really thought of…
i cn only ‘zai yi’ (care abt a person?) a boy a lot if (and only if) i like tht guy.
well… if thts d case i would b glad to admit tht i still like tht guy!!

it’s no longer ‘love’ after we break up?
NO!!! it’s nt lovers’ love but love betw friends,
you knw?

(d diff writin n colour’s ntg special… juz wnna let you guys knw where i gt d chi characters fr =p)


i love a friend, so wht?!”的一个响应

  1. Wern Yi 二月 22, 2009 / 4:21 下午

    I believe you.You don\’t like him.You just care.


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