no title

cant find my chinese star anywhere… dad must hav uninstalled it=.=
and stupid comp wont let me read chi words… although i tried all the encodings on d list! hmph>=C
so anyway… gtta use eng to write this tho it’s a chi-feel blog><

last night, feelin lonely and bored, i started sendin sms-es to ppl ive nt contacted in a long time,
and finally sent one to zu yan.
for those who knws both me and her…
you guys would knw hw angry i was at her over the past 1.5 yrs, hw i didnt even dare look at her for fear i’d juz slap her…

we finally made up.

after all d "feng feng yu yu" o d teachrs day performance,
after all d feelings o doubt and insecurity over real/fake friends,
ive finally decided to trust.
just like i always hav.

like i said, this yr was one o d yrs in which ive learnt d most,
abt hw to look at stuff, organize them, set goals and achiev them…
and also hw to look at ppl. nt juz d surface ppl like i used to, but wht they really are.
and ive learnt too much for me to really believ in anyone anymore.

my best buddies, my beloved confidant, my long-dist friends…
none o them seemed true to me.
i was afraid to look, just in case i saw wht i feared, tht i did nt hav any real friends.

but d msg fr zu yan told me tht sme thngs in d world hav to b followed blindly, such as




im an innocent, i knw.
but for nw, let me remain one.
i still want to believ in F.H.L…

was, am and hopefully will still be forever,
sarah magdalene.



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