say no to sleepin in class~~

hey ppl~
had a miserable week but im nt gnna talk abt it nw…
cuz no chi sys>< (lol~ im on d upstairs comp)

anyway i was hangin arnd gtting ntg done on d comp and remembered smethng i should’ve done a long time ago…
check this out!


d last effectiv way was being sprayed w yying’s diamond water spray
since it went missing i’ve been havin a hard time keepin my eyes open durin lessons…
esp bio and math, if you gt wht i mean.

anyways d links did offer sme other solutions, so off i go to test them.
1.5 mths till trials!!
muz nt do anymore napping in class><

btw, i thnk i’ve been sleepin too much.
i sleep at 12am and wake at 6.15am,
plus a 1.5 hr nap on mon and fri.
and abt 30 min in total betw classes a day.
is tht too much?
everyone i knws sleep at 12, wake up at 5.30, and does nt sleep in sch.
startin to berate myself whnever i sleepT.T…



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