juz felt like typing~

wht does it feel like to open up your letterbox every mth,
juz to check if it’s empty?
sooner or later you’re gnna stop looking.
it hurts too much.

i knw, i knw, you ppl re gnna tell me to gt on w my life,
but dont you gt it? i dont wnt to b consoled!
i’ll move on when i feel like it…

being at home is nice.
things dont follow a strict schedule like at d hostel,
but thngs are regular and studyin’s gd, neglecting d distractions o my phone (gd thng it expired yesterday) and d comp.
i love d bright study light, d ceiling fan whom i share w noone, and study surface which is big enough for all my bks.
dont feel like going back to d miserably lighted classroom filled w 40 ppl, and sitting at d desk which less than wht im using nw.
but having said all tht… i couldnt juz leav d hostel.
i’ve gt duties and obligations to both myself and my friends.
and i couldnt make my muddies gt up a whole hr earlier than normal even if it’s juz to send me to d station.
oh well… thnk gdness i developed this love o studyin at hme w only 70 days to go.

70 days till SUEC!! (more or less la im nt counting)
and then i’d b moving hme… PERMANANTLY O.O.
wht a scary prospect…
dont knw if i’d b used to it.
haha~ it’s been so long since i lived at hme…
hols dont count cuz i knw tht i’d b returnin to d hostel…
and wht do i do w all d doubled stuff?
ive gt 2 toothbrushes, 2 pillows and blankets,
and all those bks and stuff!
they’re nt gnna fit in my room…
and my bao bei!
d poor thngs gnna b an object o arguemnts betw me and my siblings…

feel like typin today and hav gt no end o stuff to say…
so i better sign off nw… before i end up spendin d whole day here.
going back to sch tonight~~
take care, y’all, and God bless^^

ps i finally gt round to listenin to d MJ songs ppl hav been going on abt… and they’re really nice. didnt knw he sang soft, slow songs. was expectin noisy ones like thriller and beat it, so heal d world came as a really pleasant surprise=p
pps oh and has anyone heard d song, our song (no, nt d leehom one), by taylor swift? it’s swell too! thx to yiaqing for it~
ppps yying, sry for nt uploadin d pics, but d internet connection hasnt been gd at hme (when im on d comp, tht is), therefore it’s hard to upload d pics… will sav it in my pendriv for you tmr.



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