a post a day challenge

i know i need to write blog more. my english/chinese grammar/vocab has gone to d dogs. probably dont know how to string complete sentences into an essay anymore.

but i think once a day is too much, there are days when i feel d need to STAY AWAY fr my comp.

though… i really like d a post a day/week challenge on wordpress. it doesnt seem to hard to think bout things to write if i get some prompts, and to know that there’re ppl out there doing d same, is just what i need to get blogging.

If stranded on a desert island, and could only bring one music album with you, which would it be? What is it about this music that never gets old for you?

this was one o d daily blog topics posted, which got my attention at once. you see, songs used to b one o d ways i bonded w my friends. for every event, incident and crazy idea, we had a song for it. at d end o every exam, we would go out for a karaoke session.

nevertheless, if i could only bring one music album w me… it’d definitely b a SHE one.

these 3 girls have been in d chinese pop industry for 10 years going on 11, and still going strong! despite Hebe coming out w her solo album, and Selina getting injured last year while filming.

i couldnt tell you their statistics, or their individual biographies, but i can tell you this.

i grew up w SHE, fr their 成名曲(made famous by this song?)——恋人未满, my favourites fr their latest SHERO album, 爱就对了、你不会; my last memory o primary sch, my sweet 16, to now d beginning o my twennies. i could relate to most o their songs, and could sing most o them too!

so back to d album question. which one would i choose, d early ones when they first learnt to love 情花初开, or d recent ones where d girls learnt to love, to b loved, and to let go?

i dont know, really. it’s a good thing im not stranded on a desert island then! =p

ps i still dont “get” d format o wordpress. what do they mean by double spacing all my lines and not letting me leave blank lines in between paragraphs?!?! well, i’ll figure out a way soon.


a post a day challenge”的一个响应

  1. yoongying91 二月 10, 2011 / 10:38 上午

    哈哈。。。should be 情窦初开。
    that day i was listening 魔力with my friend.
    He suddenly said, we will tell the kids these are the song we grew up with. =)


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