dont let anyone look down on you

…. becuz you are young. but show an example to the believers. in speech, in love, in life, in faith and in purity. 1 Tim 4:12

heard this in LnL follow up camp, last weekend at PD. and i couldnt get it out o my head. now that i keep playing it on d family desktop, sis has started humming it too, and bro is thoroughly convinced that d LnL-ers have brain-washed me.

well, i dont mind. in fact, being brainwashed by LnL could well b one o d best things ever happened.

to those who have no idea what LnL is… it stands for Love and Life Catholic youth seminar, which i attended last month (also known as last year). LnL 20-10, that’s us!

im not a religious person, for all my regular church-going and even having various responsibilities in church. but attending LnL lets me realize that i dont have to b all pious and “holy”, to b a good Catholic youth.

in camp we laughed played joked shared prayed sang and danced. had an awesome fun time, and came back w a better relationship w God.

how did it happen? i dont know~ but i guess it had something to do w d general atmosphere there. d LOVE and LIFE o d facilitators and (after a day or two) d participants! esp d participants. d whole place was just radiating awesomeness. how much better can it get, to walk into a room where you know everyone loves and accepts you as you are? and to know that everyone is w you on your journey towards eternal glory while combating d evil o d world.

you really wouldnt believe it until you attend it for yourself.


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