ive said this a hundred times…

….. and will continue to say it until it SINKS IN.

d camera DOES NOT make d photographer.

admittedly point and shoot / compacts may not produce as “good quality” pictures as expensive DSLRs. (or mayb they do, im just saying here). and mayb a cheaper lens does not create as many aesthetic features in a shoot as some 10k lens.

but then again, d general public does not care whether WHAT camera/lens captured a particular shot. just what d picture SAYS. personally, d feeling behind a picture is more important.

so what is this non-stop whining about better lenses and bigger cameras? and not to mention all d frequent upgradings o accessories. well do what you will w whatever budget and time you have, but dont expect me to jump up and down when you mention a new Canon EOS 1D Mark IV, any more than you would expect me to act excited over my bro’s Spitfire Mark V 1:200 model. (d former is a camera; d latter an old German/British, WWII plane. assuming i heard correct O.O)

i know i know, having better equipment makes it easier to capture what you want to. and yes, probably they make a big difference. but i wouldnt know, would i?

“a wizard is able to channel their powers through any magical instrument, but it works best when there is an affiminity between the wand and the wizard.” gdness. im even quoting Harry Potter to prove my point.


having rant and raved my exasperation off, i have to admit that im not a photographer myself. LOL.

i have a passing interest in capturing beautiful moments, but fiddling w d ISO/f-stops/photoshop buttons etc etc are so not my thing… yet. mayb one day i’ll figure it out =)

therefore pls bear w me if ive made any unforgivable mistakes in getting what limited photography terms i know right. or if there’s any difference in opinion on my statements.

like opinions, no picture is absolutely right or wrong =)

ps i liked this article fr Star R.AGE a few weeks ago.



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