something archi

Sometimes I am just struck by the feeling o work, work, work, just because work is interesting. Nono, NOT during assignment rush, but when I come across something that reminds me of how much fun studying archi can be.

Will be learning 3dmax this sem. (That’s a 3D modeling software) For our sem-long project, we are to create a model o a building o our choice, set the landscape, materials, etc, and make an animation out o it.

So in a fit o insanity I chose Mesiniaga, Subang Jaya, by Ken Yeang (our very own M’sian architect!). Ya, that’s it on the right. Y’knw, the building next to Carefour… Tall building… Looks quite new in design… Y’knw?

Ok, that is the most ambitious thing I’ve done in archi sch so far. So forgive me if I took my time in finalizing this choice, ie still putting off begining my digital model.

In the middle o hunting for info on this scarily-impossible-to-model symbol of all green buildings in M’sia, I came across It’s this blog written by an archi student (I think he’d have graduated by now, but I’m not sure), which turns up by google a lot. I mean, I’ve been refered to his site many times during my research for archi stuff.

His blog posts are sometimes beyond me, like lengthy discussions about M’sian architecture and the direction it is heading. Still, I get a crash course in whatever just by reading his posts. Quite informative and well put. But I hope that one day I could form my own opinions on various archi issues.

After one full year in archi sch I still couldn’t hold my own in archi discussions, but at least some jargon is filtering through. I know about green buildings, beam columns and Modernism now in theory. I can also name a lot more famous architects than I could a year ago. It feels goooooood to be able to answer bro’s Q this afternoon: who is Frank Lloyd Wright and what did he do? And then I could put on this shocked face even though I was driving then when bro said he’s never heard o Fallingwater or Taliesin. Haha~ To think that a year ago I didn’t know those Wright buildings either.

So much to learn >> That’s what really gets me going and keeps me interested. I get hooked on all the knowledge and interesting facts out there waiting to be uncovered…

This feeling will be carried foward to my assignments. I will feel as positive about studying archi during assignments as I am now. — so says Sarah to herself again


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