Alarm clock rings

Hopefully this is to b Part 1 o “Alarm clock rings”. It really is too much to put in a single blog post and anyway these things should b ongoing, no?

It’s a campaign/project that was a result o a chat w Wern via msn msgr. It’s been so long since I caught up w her and today I mostly listened to her self-confessed-to-b-totally-self-obsessed rants about… There’s no specific topic to our conversation actually. I think we talked about playing safe (not!), gap year, being what we want to be, and ended up w us assuring each other that we’re actually amazing/awesome ppl.

I really want to LIVE. Not to say spiritually, physically, metaphorically or literally. Just that word, live. It’s so.. ALIVE. Lol I think I’ve been reading too much Anne Shirley (o Green Gables).

Just for the record, I like Luna Lovegood. In real life I think I’d recoil a bit if someone approaches me and tell me matter 0f fact-ly that I look like Belle or that my design suck because, but deep down I really respect and feel like following their example. She’s crazy in her communications but she’s so real and so alive!

I think I’m rambling but you know I can’t think well at 2am, sorry. Will stop here but it won’t b the last o this =)



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