Alarm clock *RINGS*- part 2- lomo photography

Hurray!! I’ve actually reached a part 2 o this creativity/being alive scheme. Yay me =D But it ringing in the middle o studio work is a lil distracting. I’ve just dropped my designing work (one whole hour!!) to think about what to *ring* today.

My mind turned to my UWS (Ultra Wide and Slim), a cheap lomo toy camera that I bought w 2 o my classmates last year for RM100. Currently staring at me fr my bedside table, it is a white, manually powered film camera made from plastic, and, as the prices *discreetly* hints, is very much low quality. That, combined w my not-so-powerful photography skills, have produced some crappy shots in my 1st roll o film. The better ones are uploaded on my facebook page.

However, after doing some reading online about film/lomo/photography, my interest is much revived. Armed w 20 photo composition tips, I think I will bring MaoMao (毛毛) aka my UWS, and my jelly lens out tmr and play around w them. Later, I will start Project 52, my own version o Photography Project 356. One photo per week isn’t too much to ask for, no?

Back to work.



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