Love Story

Reason this is not out there is actually because I’ve set a personal goal o reaching 6 mths before “going public”. This is sarah being cautious. Cuz they all say 6 mths is the “honeymoom period” and Wifey constantly tells me she gets confused when I hang out w a different guy everytime she comes back fr overseas.
So that day Zong asked me about my love story, for his blog collection. And I didn’t know what to reply. 15 (Himself) is not a “flower and chocolate” person, nor did he actively “pursue” me. But what if I told you a way to this girl’s heart is by quietly being “always there” and feeding her sweet food?

But to summarize I think mine can be called

# cyber stalker

He met her in office one day and found her interesting. After getting her facebook contact, he sent a friendship request and initiated contact with her. While she hesitantly replies to his messages, he browses her facebook profile and wall. He learnt about her favourite movies, books, music and hobbies from her profile and drops them into the conversation as topics of mutual interest. She was captivated by the interests and beliefs they shared and decided to give him a chance.

or this

# a ride home

He knows that she takes public transport to and from work every day. One day, through facebook chat, he found out that she is reluctant to walk to the bus stop alone as it was already dark outside. He asked if he could send her back. She was polite, and asked if it was out of his way? No, he lived abit further than where she does, he said. While walking out the door to his car, a colleague casually asked who was sending her home? And gave her a funny look when she told his name. It wasn’t till days later that she found out that he actually lives 5 mins away from office and that everyone knew that.

or even this

# morning calls

She pulled a late night but needed to wake up early to complete her assignment. Her usual morning call buddy was asleep, so she was tiredly thankful when he offered to give her a morning call when he wakes up for work. This carried on for the few days it required for her to finish her assignment. Later, when it was his time to get minimal sleep, she, in turn, woke him up for work. Soon, it became a ritual to morning call each other. Sometimes it was just a simple “Oi, wake up”, but usually they spent some time chatting in bed before getting up.

So these are my stories <3. Romantic, mayb not, but who has the authority to define romance?



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