midnight post

临睡前在Facebook上看到Love & Life的朋友post的照片,虽然只是吃饭的模样我却能想起和她吃饭,她的习惯和动作。突然发现自己很想念一起生活的那7天。于是post了这么一个status:
“Love and life的朋友们,我是当真想念你们了。睡不着觉回想一天天发生的事,好笑的还是笑了,感动得还会鼻酸。还记得你们的拥抱和歌咏,够我回味很久很久。
“To my friends from Love and Life… I miss y’all. Was just trying to fall asleep and started musing on all that happened in camp. As each incident came to mind, I laughed and sniffed in turn. The memories of your hugs and singing will stay w me for a long, long time *warm fuzzy feeling*
My other friends always asked if I don’t feel like it’s a risk, taking a whole week off from school/work (dear colleagues reading this, pls don’t tell boss) in return for what? But truly I say to you, there is hardly anything more meaningful than this.”
And also a shoutout to Mark and Shaun.. Thanks for taking the time to Google Translate. Provided me w enough laughs to last through a slow Friday at work.
I admit that this year I wasn’t as “into” camp before I went.. I decided to facilitate only because I thought I could provide assistance where necessary. And I did not bother trying to get close to anyone except my ‘lil ones’.. Prickly old bat wasn’t I? Yet somehow people made their way to my heart and memory, just by being there. And yes Shaun, I thought I’ve turned cynical, thinking that it won’t last, but in the end it would, right? People change, as do all things, but ‘Love’ and ‘Life’ IS Eternal. Maybe I’ll just grow up next time XD


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