Pancake story

First there was what is now known as “the Best Valentine’s ever” pancake @ Paddington’s Pancake, the Curve w ze Dear. Most delicious pancakes I’ve had in a very long time. Sour cream definitely helped.


Then there was the “ze homemade pancakes from pancake mix” @ my lodgings, Brisbane. Peanut butter and butter. With lite milk.Image

Watch a Sicilian Nun Singing Alicia Keys Bring a Rapper to Tears


I admit I clicked into the link on Facebook (I usually don’t watch videos) because the title was interesting. Was expecting something like Celtic Women’s Ava Maria till I saw Alicia Keys being mentioned. Then I thought Sister Act.

And to my surprise I was moved to tears myself. I’m not mean judge of voices and I’m sure hers was beautiful/powerful/etc, but it’s more of something to her singing w all her soul and heart for God, even if it’s not a “holy” song. There are infinite ways to praise Him. I definitely approve of hers =)

New love


New love

Many of my friends know that I usually order the most unheard of items on the menu.. I love trying new food, and when I arrived in the land of Flat White, Long Black, Caramel Latte, etc, it is the one coffee I’ve not heard of so naturally I tried it as soon as I could.. w my new sketchbook, lecture notebook, umbrella and a postcard to home.

To do list/Meal Planner


To do list/Meal Planner

A bday present from the Taylor’s gang two years past. Thank you for the gift!
Have always been making to-do lists, shopping lists, goals and resolutions (for the next 5 years, 5 days, or even for the next 5 minutes), etc, but have never brought myself to open and use this till I brought it over on my (overweight) luggage and decided to fix a meal plan.