上周末牙龈痛,请教了牙医系的朋友,于是礼拜一一早就到附近的牙医诊所报到。从make appointment到介绍(来自台湾的)牙医到照X光到拔智慧牙,一直都是非常的efficient。中午12时45分,莹咬着cotton gauze在pharmacy领药。

Dr Chen对我的恢复非常的乐观,于是莹隔天早上去了job interview,傍晚照常到餐厅打工。每天三次的抗生素,每六小时的止痛药,生活作息依旧。

就是每天起床泡杯咖啡,开facebook开instagram然后开命名“job search”的excel档。黄色代表有兴趣、有可能的公司,蓝色代表被拒绝的公司,剩下的就是莹还不认识或不愿意尝试的公司。朋友问我为什么不每间都投呢?莹坚持的是适合自己未来方向的公司。如果在澳大利亚会是像在吉隆坡那样又是大企业又是压力大又是睡眠不足的话,我宁可回国。至少那样能在家陪家人。






真感恩生活里有着这些小感动,让沉闷的生活还有些动力。大家都说可以理解,但我要的不是理解是解脱!But I’ll take your understanding if that’s what you offer.

这周末买了机票要和姐姐和姐夫到阿德莱德找Tham2玩。跟朋友说起我要take a break,被问你不就是在break了吗?那感觉,就像单身被问为什么单身一样。并不是不享受不用上班上学的日子,而是单身久了会寂寞、会怕自己忘记怎么和人相处。我没分手我打比喻









On achieving timelessness in architecture

If you are a culture that is literate in structure, in order, in landscape, in nature, the nature of materials, then you’re going to start to find an architecture that has an honesty about it. Now there’s a very old fashioned word very rarely used today. The word is authenticity – authentic – the truth, the real, the ability to be honest, that what you’re seeing is what you’re getting. Calling the spade a spade. And yet, the poetic and the rational should join in unity. That’s what I think is really important. And if the rational and poetic join in unity, there may be a chance of longevity of the work, of the idea, of the placemaking. And it doesn’t come when you’re a student, and it doesn’t come when you’re 70 years old. It might come when you’re eighty – I have five years to go!”- Glenn Murcutt

Excerpt from interview with ABC’s Alan Saunders, text taken from InDesignLive




Bachelor of Science (Architecture)

final sem submission extension

上周末从音乐营回来,一心想我糟了功课做不完的时候,在我们班的fb group上看到这么一个post:

“Hello Dr. Veronica Ng,

I’m writing this as a student, one of many, pursuing our education in architecture in Taylor’s University.

Right off the bat the reason I am posting this on facebook, garnishing the attention of my fellow students and tutors who have helped us go through the last 5 semesters of this excruciating yet rewarding course, is to ask for an extension of our design report submission.

With that, I have several solid reasons that justify an extension of the design report would be for the better of our entire semester 6, student-wise and LAM-Part1-wise.

(1)First, we have B.Tech submission one day after our design report. That said, there would be a clash of work quality in both our reports and our technical drawings.

The question goes, which is the more important work – report or Btech?
Whatever way you would wish to view, B.Tech definitely has more definition as an architectural work compared to the report.

How so you ask?
After graduating from this course with our Part1, most of us will be working in architecturally-related job fields if we choose not to further our studies. The intensity of knowledge of how working drawings are produced is very important for one to stand out from the sea of graduates that we are competing against.

I have heard from my classmates that the idea of finishing the design report early was so that our external crits can have a look at it while we present our final work, so both panels and report side by side.

(2)The report seemed to be more of an elaborated version of our design panels for final crit, with the addition of thermal, acoustic and all those wonderful things that make architecture a science rather than an art. So let’s face the truth, who would want to read an elaborated version when we already have a summarised version ready? Many would just flip though the report just to see diagrams and the sort without actually reading our calculations driven by blood and sweat.

(3)For final crit, I assume our external critics will be more inclined to crit us based upon our design and whether it is STRUCTURALLY capable ( in other words, B.Tech) rather than how cooling our building is or how much natural daylighting is there(which I believe they still will too).

(4)Those calculations(thermal, etc.) and ESD will only be understood and marked by qualified professionals such as the tutors we have. Thus, rendering it not entirely useful for showcasing it to external crits as they come from a structurally-buildable background.

In other words, the design report is what I feel an end-semester thesis with the amount of knowledge we have gathered throughout the years to be submitted to our professional tutors instead of presenting it to the external crits.

(5)Making us submit the report before finishing our panels is like asking us to throw up before we have eaten. Why? Because drawings, lineweight, renders, diagrams, pictures showcases our design intentions and ideas – what we REQUIRE in our final panels. Asking the report earlier would only mean that all those have to be already completed. That would mean we should have finished our panels this coming Friday, the same day as the report submission.

(6)Yes, the report will give us unrivalled knowledge about scientific calculations and sustainability but I’m guessing only a minority of us soon-to-be graduates will actually be using this in our working lives. I am only voicing my opinion after working through the last internship we had and in no way weighing against the odds of not using the calculations.

With all due respect, I hope you take into consideration the extension of our design report because we students are still humans who need rest after all, not robots that run on battery. If I came across as being rude or angry or annoying or startling, I apologise because (I’ll be honest here) I have a lot of work left to be done, lacking sleep, on an energy drink diet, haven’t had a proper eating timetable in a week, and very worried with everything coming about. Though, personally speaking, I know there are others who are in worse conditions.

Please do not take everything I say to heart. I am only speaking on behalf of the class.
Some of my classmates would agree with me, others wouldn’t. Well, I guess it makes the journey pretty interesting. You can’t please everyone, same goes with design.

P/S. I didn’t mean this message to be rude or offensive if it has been taken in that away. I speak on behalf of 1002P+ :)” -Mark Lee